During the 2023 International Consumer Goods Expo, Lou Zhijian, Vice Mayor of Lishui City, and his delegation visited our booth for research and guidance
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From May 16th to 20th, the 2023 International Consumer Goods Expo was held in Ningbo. The exhibition area of Zhejiang Nengfu Company is particularly eye-catching. Leisure reclining chairs, courtyard sunshades, children's furniture, and outdoor furniture are arranged in a neat and orderly manner, forming a beautiful scenery that welcomes friends from international buyers, trading companies, news media, and other sectors to visit and negotiate business.

During the exhibition period, Lou Zhijian, Vice Mayor of Lishui City, and his delegation visited our booth for research and guidance, to understand the company's situation. After listening to the introduction of the company's chairman, Li Wei, the real estate mayor gave full recognition and high praise to our products, and put forward valuable guidance suggestions. The real estate mayor said: "Nowadays, there is a great pressure on traditional industry products to export, and enterprises still need to find ways to do domestic sales. Domestic sales are the path that must be taken in the future, Although it may be difficult at the beginning, we still need to overcome the difficulties. In addition, the products must adhere to the principle of quality first, go out more, and spend Dim sum and efforts in other market development.

Finally, Chairman Li Wei expressed sincere gratitude to the real estate market leader and his delegation for their concern and support for the enterprise, and stated that in the current severe export situation, Nengfu Company will increase its independent research and development efforts, continuously develop new products according to market demand, and maintain the stability and development of market share. In the current context of fully striving for the economy, all employees unite and face difficulties together, adhere to stability and progress, and uphold integrity and innovation.